Galaxy Driving School Corp

School Policy. Aug 2018

1)   We charge $ 49.99 per hour Driving Lessons Packages available.

(All prices include taxes )(ICBC fees not included , and all ICBC fees should be paid to ICBC directly)

2)  Each lesson consists of 1 hour Lesson, minimum of 55 minutes practice time, plus 5 minutes to review your progress  and book your next lesson. Includes pickup and drop off. Car provided by us for training and we can also train you in your own car.

3)  Each road Test session is $ 135.00, includes pickup and drop off, 45 minutes warm up / mini Road Test, 5 minutes review, and one hour road test by ICBC. (Approx 3 hours Total).  We will gladly book road test appointment for you.

4) There are no extra charges; however, if you wish to cancel a lesson, 12 hour notice must be given prior to the appointment time to avoid being charged late cancellation fee for that one lesson session.

5)   Payments must be made at the beginning of each driving lesson / package lessons, and road test sessions.

6)  There will be no refunds for driving lessons that have taken place however pre-paid lessons that have not been used will be refunded, minus any applicable late cancellation fees.

7)  We offer individual in-car training only however “one passenger / students may be present in the vehicle during the lesson for observation only.”

8)  Our vehicle is equipped with dual brakes, accelerator, and rear view mirror for instructor / examiner use.

9)  Instructor may use the driver steering for training or to avoid risk of collision with other vehicles, any person, moving or non-moving items on the road.

10) Driver student are expected to follow instructions of instructor for safe driving and avoid aggressive driving and self decisions on the road.

11)  NOTE: For cancelling a road test appointment made by GALAXY DRIVING SCHOOL, MAPLE RIDGE BC, we require 72 hour notice, as we must notify ICBC. FAILURE to give us sufficient notice may result in the student having to pay $ 25.00 Late Road Test Cancellation Fee to ICBC.

12) Discounts offered and / or discussed with students will be applied during payments.

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